Who was it?

Do you guys believe in ghosts? I used to but I no longer do. You see I used to believe in god as well but I have kind of drifted away from that too. It’s not something to do with any incident in particular but more to do with the practicality of it all. I don’t want to go deep into it but let’s scratch the surface of ghosts. So do you guys believe in ghosts? I don’t but something very strange happened recently.

I am a very light sleeper, I wake up even if someone next to me moves. I was fast asleep one day when around 2 in the night, I heard a strange noise. I woke up with a jolt and went outside to see what was happening. It was pitch dark in the living room and there was nothing there which could have made the noise. I started walking towards the entrance door to switch on the lights and to see if there is something going on outside. Before I could get there I felt hush of wind in my hair and someone whispered in my ear “Are you looking for me”. I stood there frozen, dead in my feet. My whole body couldn’t move. Who was that? I wanted to badly look behind me but I had seen in far too many horror movies that if you hear something strange don’t ever look back. I just mumbled “Who is that? Why are you whispering in my ear?” There was no response and pin drop silence around me. I thought maybe I am imagining this. I gathered some courage and started to move towards the entrance door again. Just then I heard the voice again “Are you sure you want to open the door? Don’t you think it’s safe to stay in?”

I could not take it anymore. I just ran towards the door and switched on the lights. There was no one in the room, not a single being. I wondered did, I just hear a ghost talking to me? Who was that person whispering in my ear? I shouted “Whoever you are this is not funny, come out and show me your face or get lost from here, do you hear me? Just come out or get lost.”

There was pin drop silence again. I knew I will not be able to sleep now. There was someone in my house and I had to find out who it was. I went in the kitchen and there was no one there. I went in the bathroom and there was no one there. I couldn’t see anybody, so who was it? I was sweating and my palms were all wet. I wanted to call someone and tell them about what is happening with me. I wanted to tell that I might have heard a ghost or probably not and i was just dreaming or imagining. But it was too late in the night, who will be up at this time?

But if I don’t tell anyone what happened, I will not be able to sleep tonight. I walked back into my bedroom to grab my phone and call up Mania. She was my best friend and only she could ease my anxiety at this hour. I walked to the side of my bed where I usually keep my phone at. As I picked up my phone, I saw myself peacefully sleeping on the bed. I stood there in shock looking at myself lying on the bed. What was happening with me? Was this some kind of joke? Is this a bad dream? My face had gone pale and my body was so still as if I had died.

Wait, did I die? Was that me? I reached out to touch my face and as soon as I was close to it, my eyes opened, we were staring at each other now. There was a strange smell in the air, as if someone had died. The room went cold and we both just kept staring at each other with our dead eyes.

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