A road to nowhere……

I always wanted to travel everywhere. Look at new places and meet people from all around the world. But I have always been a shy person. Sam used to tell me to go out more and talk to people more. I just couldn’t do small talk, more than small talk I always felt that I judged people too soon. As soon as I met them, my first thoughts were, whether I can be forever friends with them or not. Sam used to tell me, try to chill a little, give the other person some space and scope to open up. A lot of people I meet on a daily basis are free spirited and I always wondered how do they do it.

It was a sunny saturday morning and Sam told me let’s pack our bags and go camping today.

“But where will we go, we haven’t made any bookings”

Sam replied “You can go anywhere you want, nature doesn’t need to be booked, we can sleep under the stars, gaze at the galaxies and just be with each other and listen to the chirping of birds around us.”

“But there are no bird sounds in the night time Sam.”

“See this is what I mean when I say give people some scope, just imagine there are birds. You don’t have to live in practicality all the time”

You don’t have to live in practicality all the time? I cringed at that comment. How can a middle class person live in a world of dreams and imagination when the responsibilities are pulling them down every second. How can anyone? How can I?

I was not convinced to go camping randomly but Sam hardly asked for anything. So I decided to tag along. We just packed some basic necessities and put on our trekking shoes and started our journey. I didn’t know where we were going or what Sam had in mind but I just had faith in him.

After around 2 hours of walking to the other side of the mountain. Sam stopped in the middle of nowhere and said,

“Okay. This is it. This is where we camp tonight.”

I said “This place. But there is nothing around here, no human being for miles and no place to get water or to even place our tent.”

Sam replied “Why do you want to set up a tent? How about we just lie down on the grass here and observe the sky and the nature around us. Let’s just lie down and see what happens next.”

I was confused. What does he want to do with all the day we have got in our hands. Are we going to just lie down here for the entire day and die in the cold as it gets darker in the night. We are going to starve to death or of thirst. My anxious mind started thinking of all the things which could go wrong.

Sam looked at me and gave me the sweetest smile, held my hand and said “Trust me, come sit next to me”

We took off our shoes and I rolled out a mat on the grass and sat on it. Sam just sat on the grass. As, I brushed off the absurdity of his ideas. I glanced at what was in front of me. A breathtaking view of the Himalayas, we were right at the base of a mountain and there was a whole valley in front of us and we were surrounded by tall trees around us and yellow colored poppies. The breeze was calm and the birds were happily singing songs in their own language. I was completely taken aback by that moment, by what was in front of my eyes. I literally just wanted to sit there and keep staring at what was in front.

Sam put his head on my thigh and stared at the clear blue sky. I was still mesmerized by what was in front of me. I started stroking his hair and he help my hand a little tighter. In that moment I knew how important it is sometimes, to take a road to nowhere because it will in the end lead you to yourself.

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