He was in that car.

It was late in the evening when I heard a loud bang outside. I was feeling too lazy to go out and see, what it is. Few minutes later, I heard a knock on my door. I tied my hair in a tight bun and walked towards the door. I saw while walking past the kitchen that it was raining outside. I wondered who can come at this time?

I opened the door and saw a man standing there, completely drenched from top to bottom. He was wearing a grey suit and what could have been shiny black shoes were now muddy and dirty ones.

“Hi, I am sorry to bother you at this time, but my car broke down and I had no other option but to look for someone who can help me”

“Oh! How can I help you?”

“Well can I come inside. I am actually getting wet.”

“I am so sorry about that, please come in. Let me get you a towel so that you can dry yourself “

“Thank you”

I ran inside the bathroom and opened the cabinet door to take out a towel. As I was doing that a sudden rush of blood ran through my veins. What if the person who is inside my house is not what he says he is? What have I done? I should not let strangers enter my house. I took a long deep breath and walked out. He was still there standing near the door in his wet clothes.

” Hey, here you go. I am sorry I forgot to ask but what is your name?”

“I am Nitin. I am here on a business trip and I am staying at the Paris Hotel near by. I was coming back from a meeting and my car just broke down outside your house.”

Just then I realized that he is a working man and he got stuck in this rain then why didn’t he call a mechanic. Doesn’t he have a phone? I asked him in a somewhat doubtful voice.

“Do you have your phone? Do you want to borrow my phone and call someone. Maybe I can call a mechanic for you.”

Suddenly, I heard his voice changing. It was as if he was angry.

“Do you think I might not have tried? I called a lot of people and no one is responding. You can try if you want. If you do not believe me then go ahead try for yourself. The rain has made the phone network poor”

I was scared. My doubts were increasing. What if this person is here to murder me? What if he is not what he says? I started sweating, my palms were wet. I wanted to reach my phone and call up Sumit. He was not home yet. Why wasn’t he home yet? It’s already 8 p.m and he hasn’t even called to tell where he was?

“Hey are you fine? Sorry, if I raised my voice. I am just a little frustrated. You know what I mean right. I am new to the town and I am stuck here and no where to go.”

“Oh! That’s okay. Just sit in the hall and I will try calling someone. My husband should be on his way home, he is usually home by this time but maybe because of the rain he got late.”

I hurriedly went inside into my room to look for my phone. It was on the bed. As I reached out to get the phone, just then I felt someones hand on my shoulder. I shivered and dropped the phone from my hand. As I looked back, I saw Sumit standing there.

“Sumit! You scared the hell out of me. Why will you do that and why are you so late?”

“What is wrong with you? I just came home and I was a little late because of the rain. Are you alright? Why are you sweating so much?”

He rubbed off the sweat from my forehead.

“Didn’t you see a man in our hall? His car broke down and he got stuck in the rain and came here to get help. I came inside to get my phone to call you. I was a little scared because he is a stranger and I let him in.”

Sumit started laughing.

” What stranger? I disn’t see anyone outside. What are you talking about?”

“You might have not seen him. He might have gone to the bathroom or something. Come, I will introduce you.”

I grabbed his hand and walked him towards the living room. There he was, sitting on a chair and trying to call someone on his phone.

“Hey Nitin, meet my husband Sumit. I guess he didn’t see you when he came in. He just got back home.”

Nitin looked at me and then looked at my hand. He looked a little puzzled.

“There is no one here, except us. Are you sure he is home?”

I looked besides me and Sumit was standing there smiling at me. Sumit came close to me and whispered in my ear.

“You can see me baby but he can’t. He was driving the car which hit my car and I was not wearing my seat belt. It happened just a few minutes back. That’s why he can’t call anyone. Go outside to see for yourself.”

I ran outside. Sumit’s car was there. Smoke was coming out from the bonnet. I hesitantly walked close to the car and I saw him in the front seat with his head on the wheel and blood running down his forehead.

There was a sudden silence around me. I looked besides me and Sumit was still there, smiling at me. Nitin was looking at me from the living room window. The only thought going through my head at that moment was, the one I want to be with is no more and the one who took him away is inside my house.


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