The Tiny Door!

I was walking around the alleyways of the quaint little town of Valencia, when my gaze fell upon this wall painted in a sky blue color, broken glass pieces on the top and in one corner was a painting of a tiny little building with a small door and steps. I wondered, what is this painting about and why does it actually have a door? Is it one of the many wall arts, I had seen in Valencia or does this mean something else? 

I was about to take out my phone and google it, as a passerby said, “oh! that’s a cat house, it houses cats and is open aired and has a door in the front so that cats can come in and go out whenever they want without being disturbed by us” 

I was smiling on the outside but a sudden hollowness crept inside me.

This reminded me of my two cats back home. I have left them with each other and have told a friend to go look after them once in a while. It’s been few days, since I have been in Spain and looking at this painting, is making me nostalgic.  Not my home, not the food but my cats. I am not going to start a debate here about cats vs dogs but will just say, you can even get attached to a person you have hated your whole life then why not cats, they give you warmth and love. Be it any animal they give unconditional love throughout your lifetime without asking for much.

I miss their chubby little paws and the cute little faces.

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