The dance of life

We wake up in the morning. We brush our teeth. We hustle in and out of the bathroom to get ready for the day. We pack our lunch boxes and we leave for work. We sit in the car in the bustling heat with the air conditioners blasting at a full speed. We get to work. Gather all the left overs from the previous day and start working on making something better from yesterday. We meet a few people along the way. We discuss about our life and how we are tired of all this. We pack up at the end of the day go back home. We put on some comfortable clothes which we bought because we could work. We prepare food for the next day and we go off to sleep.

Our whole life is stuck in this never ending loop. Or we have been told to be stuck in this loop. Everyones trying to find an answer to get out of the loop. You know what I find more funny is a lot of people dropping out of schools or leaving their mundane work to start their own companies, where they hire other people to suffer. They have figured it out well. They know they cannot do this day in and out. Then why not let others suffer. As humans we thrive on other’s suffering. We enjoy being at a position better than someone else. We never measure our success based on what makes us truly happy, we measure it with the failures of others. By watching our neighbor fail, we put our lives on a pedestal.

This loop is what I am most scared of. I have been stuck here since the past few years and I don’t know how to get out of it. I want freedom. I want happiness. But I don’t now how to get there without hurting some one else along the way. I can’t even start something of my own because I can’t see others suffer. Suffering is the cause of loneliness and misery. People say nothing is free in this world. Even freedom comes with a cost. I want to know the cost of freedom . Maybe, I can pay and free myself from the chains of suffering.

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