Light !

A stranger I met once told me a very poignant thing which made me re-evaulate a lot of things around me. He said “Everyone has light inside them, the ones who tap into it, attain true freedom”

That shifted my perspective towards everything. It’s been exactly one year since I met this person and I still have the memory of him telling me that so fresh in my mind. It made me truly value the potential I have inside myself. Although, somedays it’s really tough to fight with your inner demons and wake up every morning and do the same thing over and over again. Somedays, I just think about what he said and I get on with my life like a ring of fire. Blazing through the day with so much energy and light.

Things got really tough around the time Sam left us. I remember myself being confident and carefree before I married Sam. I never gave a damn about what people thought or what is right or wrong. Relationships or falling in love with someone changes you. It changed me. I started behaving like him and doing what he liked to do. I lost my true self in love, when I was with him. This person reminded me that, I can achieve anything in life. There will be let downs, there will be people pointing fingers and telling you see this is not right or why are you always so confused. But always remember to rise above and to fight with the world to get what you want. I am trying to find that now again. Each day, I try harder to be what I was and to live as I want to. I am finding the light inside me ignite again.

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