Apple Pie

There was a silent hush outside the cottage. The wind was blowing to the south on the rusty wind chimes, making a humming sound. It was a perfect evening to bake some pie. Anna was sitting in the veranda and playing with her dolls or whatever was left of them, few days back Vicky broke them during an animated argument between the two. Vicky can be a handful sometimes. He is at an age where he is forced to do things just to prove he is more powerful than her. If only Sam would have been here to see what I put up with everyday.

I am making some apple pie today, mom used to bake the best pies in our neighborhood. The flour, the freshly plucked apples from the farm and a jar full of honey, add a little pinch of love and one would get the most sweet & scrumptious apple pie, she would say. There was something mysterious about the whole recipe. I tried many a times the same way she made but it never tasted like hers. Maybe the pinch of love was more than a pinch.

While my mind was occupied in these thoughts, I heard Anna cry out loud. Parenthood is tough if you have no one to guide you. Upon that, single parenting is even tougher. Vicky was snatching her dolls again. Anna is very attached to her dolls maybe because she sees Sam in them. When she was a baby, I used to tell her stories about him, while she played with her dolls. Vicky is more like me, won’t show his pain to the world and does not get attached to things. But Anna is more like her father. Emotional and clingy to the things she loves.      

I remember one day while playing Jenga, I got angry at Sam for cheating. We fought over the silly issue for days. I never went to Sam to say sorry but he was always sorry, he would make sure to make it up to me in his own way, he would clean the utensils one day and cook a surprise meal on another.  He was a kind hearted human, would never show he cared much but he did in his own sweet way. I meant the world to him. And so did he. There are too many memories attached to the first time I made him an apple pie. He was quite amazed at the fact that I can bake. He said and I clearly remember “Honey, this tastes just like a perfect winter nights kiss”

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